SAGE X3 is a complete and integrated enterprise management software solution designed to meet the most elaborate and cost-effective management processes.

Designed for Medium to Large Businesses, it encompasses all areas in a flexible and customizable way, enhancing collaboration and process ergonomics to increase efficiency and competitiveness. It has a fast, versatile implementation capable of adapting to changing business needs. It is easy to use, has multinational functionality built right into the software including support for multiple languages, legislation, and currencies.

X4DEV is SAGE’s official partner and provides technical development and consultation, with a team of consultants and programmers trained and certified by SAGE.

SAGE X3 People


SAGE X3 PEOPLE is a human resources management software solution.

This system is an HR management solution that is ideal for mid and enterprise-sized companies. The system can assist companies in achieving more control over the workforce costs, helping increase the overall efficiency. Integrated with Enterprise Management, the software solution can provide more exhaustive and accurate data for multiple business units and locations. Users can access Enterprise Management HR payroll software both online and through their mobile devices.

Enterprise Management HR is the perfect cost-effective integrated payroll solution for Enterprise Management customers. This software can also be used as a standalone HR management system that also offers self-service capabilities to businesses in the healthcare, servicing, distribution, and manufacturing industries.

X4 WSS (Warehouse Support System)


The WSS (Warehouse Support System) X4 is an integrated and modular solution that aims to simplify the management of warehouse logistics and, consequently, maximize business productivity.

This system has the advantage of an intelligent data synchronization system, which enables operation in environments where there is no permanent connection to the network. The ideal tool for any company that needs to do stock management on a 24/7 basis.

I3FR (Intelligent Fleet Routing)


The X3 I3FR is a system for evaluating and optimizing delivery routes.

It is a tool that allows to identify and evaluate the current routes and their orders and, based on the respective points of delivery, generate optimized routes in terms of: total distance travelled; total time spent and total spent fuel.